Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Brock carved his own pumpkin this year and did a great job!

My cute boys all dressed up and ready to trunk or treat.

We had a fabulous time at the party and Grandma Linda's. We had pizza and cider. Jessica gave all the kids some great pumpkin glassses. Then it was time to play the game loved by all the kids, bob for a donut. We play this every year and the kids think it's the best.

When D realized there was food involved he was not going to miss out. As you can see it did not take him long to decide that his hands worked best and just grabbed the donut.

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Adams Clan said...

Hi Guys, it looks like your family has been super busy. I can't believe Brock is in 1st grade and Duncan is one. We need to swing by your house one of these days when were all out repoeing together. Usually were in Latin after 10, sooo late. I hope your Holidays are great.